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Vegetable Business In Pieces
Chopped Produce Finds a Niche Locally

Floyd Shaker wanted to stay in the food industry after he sold a restaurant he owned in Cleveland, so he decided to fill a niche he discovered as a restaurateur. In 1988 Shaker started The Final Cut in Cleveland, which supplies local restaurants and produce distributors with chopped vegetables for salads, cole slaw and cooking purposes. In addition to restaurants, Shaker's products are sold through distributors to nursing homes, schools and hospitals.

“I felt the need for this kind of business”, Shaker said. “The trend to eat more fruit and vegetables in the U.S. is doubling every year, and I knew this was going to be needed.”

In 2006, Floyd retired from the business and passed the reigns of control to his son, Todd Shaker. "My father left the company with a tremendous reputation, a strong client base, and a sense of how to treat people, how to be fair," says Todd. "Growing up spending time at every position inside the company and with the majority of my extended family also in the food industry, I have a very keen sense of what is required to please the end user of our products. Pleasing the person sitting in the restaurant eating produce that we made is always the number one priority for us as a company and myself as an owner.”

Under Todd’s management of the company, The Final Cut has expanded its customer base to include other vegetable processors around the country and national restaurant chains. He has also guided the company to a “Superior” rating from national auditing firms. The company looks forward to many more years of success at making the nation's finest value added produce.




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