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    Safety & Testing
To ensure the quality and safety of all the products we process, we strictly follow our HACCP guidelines, which include testing batches and swabbing our equipment.  The Final Cut's QC department frequently tests batches with a nationally accredited and certified laboratory to guarantee our products are the cleanest.  They also test all of our equipment for food borne pathogens to ensure we have the safest produce available.
    Facility & Equipment
Our facility in Cleveland is fully equipped with State-of-the-art processing equipment. We only use industry trusted brands of machinery, such as Urschel and Odenburg, to process our wide variety of products.  Using this level of precision equipment, along with our well-trained workforce, allows us to consistently deliver a perfect cut every time at all levels of quantity.
Service Area
Final Cut's refrigerated trucks make us uniquely qualified to service both our home state of Ohio and many cities in neighboring Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Please call for details.

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